Disability and Mental Health

People requiring specialist support and resources should not be denied due to location or living arrangements. InComPro’s Outreach Program aims to support people in their own homes as well as in a variety of other locations including;

  • Supported care facilities
  • People living with other agencies
  • Mental health hospitals and people recently released from secure facilities
  • People displaced from their traditional lands and remote communities
  • Supported residential facilities
  • Detention centres, prisons and people on home detention

Our purpose is to support Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with disabilities, mental health concerns or under restrictions from the criminal justice system to live in the community in a culturally appropriate, safe and respectful manner.

We offer a variety of support options including:
  • Culturally appropriate programs and services
  • Interpreting services
  • Transport to and support for health, legal and financial appointments and reviews
  • Advocacy
  • Drug and alcohol abuse support
  • Domestic assistance and independent living skills
  • Support with shopping and banking
  • Reconnections with family
  • Appropriate communication techniques and social skills
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Role modelling and mentoring
  • Referrals to allied health professionals
  • Support to engage Ngangkari services
  • Empowering people to make their own choices and decisions
  • Support to seek social, recreational and developmental external programs such as;
    • Swimming
    • Gym
    • Fishing/crabbing
    • Music lessons
    • Walking groups
    • Numeracy and literacy programs
    • Football, basketball and other sporting events
InComPro provide progress reports to funding bodies, corrections and legal guardians on our client’s health, wellbeing, behaviours of concern and levels of participation in developmental programs and activities within the community or in their own home.

We provide programs designed to increase our client’s self-esteem, dignity, pride, social norms and connections to culture and country through the following activities:

  • Work skills program
  • Monthly cultural camps/day trips
  • Return to lands Initiative
  • Computer skills
  • Art therapy – colouring/drawing
  • Conversation circle (social skills program)

Our programs can be customised to suit individual goals and objectives.

Future programs

  • Music and sound program
  • Horticulture program
  • Women’s circle (handicrafts)
  • Woodwork program
  • Recycling
  • Revegetation and land management

For more information on InComPro’s outreach services, please contact us on 7324 5072.


The provision of culturally customised services, systems and solutions throughout the community, to achieve economic autonomy and cultural freedom by Indigenous Community Professionals.


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